Sapiosexuell – What is it actually

Sapiosexuell - What is it actually that the Person feels primarily

Sapiosexuell – What is it actually?

What is Sapiosexualität?

Nowadays, various sexual inclinations are known and recognized. One is homo-, hetero-, bi-, a -, or pansexual. The list is much longer. A classified Sapiosexualität there? No, because actually sapiosexuelle people have a clear inclination and orientation, however, this refers more to intelligence than physical appearance or gender. Sapiosexuelle feel, therefore, mainly of people attracted to you and attracted to you, if you can hold on the mind level up with you or you are calling on an intellectual level .

Approximately 8% of Germans describe themselves as sapiosexuell (the poll, conducted by Secret) 9% spirit find conversations of rich exciting than the Physical, but only if the Sex takes place in a partnership .

What is the meaning of sapiosexuell?

The neologism “Sapiosexualität” derives from the Latin word “sapiens” of what “understanding” or simply “clever” to translate. The description “sapiosexuell” reads one quite often on Online Dating portals, usually on the profiles of women, although more men than women would describe themselves as sapiosexuell. Sapiosexuell - What is it actually however, this refers more
What is meant is only that the Person feels primarily by the behavior of their counterpart, attracted, as by mere Appearances or courtship. This reference profile does not necessarily mean that you just have to be a Sartre or a Nietzsche specialist, in order to convince the Opposite .

Rather, Sapiosexuelle set forms of value on in-depth conversations and other communication types (sarcasm would be an example), the witnesses of a certain degree of intelligence.

Sapiosexuell - What is it actually themselves as sapiosexuell

It is also interesting that sapiosexuelle do not require physical proximity, to care for the other Person to like you or be attracted to her. Intelligence is for Sapiosexuelle plain and simple, sexy, and witty conversations more attractive than sexy photos. “The appearance, the character binds” not only due to sapiosexuelle men and women: people are in love with the intelligence of the blind, but also not only on Externals fixed.

I’m sapiosexuell?

You’re one of the people in this world who are sapiosexuell? Attractiveness is you important, but sexual attraction takes place for you in his head? Do the Quiz and find out whether Sapiosexualität also describes you .

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