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Our Team regularly tests the well-known Online Dating portals and the latest market additions, researched the topic of flirting, love and passion and attended conferences on the topic of Online Dating to give you the best information to your individual interests.

Our Job is to make online dating easier for you.

What has made us do this, you can read in our little time travel…

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It was once…
2007: The Blog
IT student and Single?
This is the rule in our circle of friends. The high level of performance of the course, combined with the blatant lack of women in the computer science programme, hardly allows a short flirtation.

Online Dating seems to us the perfect solution. The industry, however, is far from as diverse as it will be ten years later: those partner agencies that radiate seriousness and promise a realistic success, are not suitable for students in terms of price – and we are not willing to pay for something, although we can not expect absolute success.

We do not give up hope and soon have a brilliant idea of how we can use the Dating portals without financial loss: we create our own Blog, where we introduce and compare the different online Dating platforms. In return, we receive free Demo Accounts from the operators.

2008: The Dating Guide
Our Blog is getting more and more attention and we regularly test new portals, making our knowledge about online Dating and the wishes of the users more and more profound.
This is also becoming increasingly diverse advice texts on our Blog.

2014: Expansion of USA Darting
Online Dating can become a trap: confusing Layouts, hidden costs and well-organized scammers can quickly miss out on the flirting fun. Our Mission is to warn you and recommend safe portals.
Other comparison portals present such information is either outdated, incomplete, or incomprehensible.

To counter this, we are expanding helpful content, offering Test and experience reports and starting with the planning for studies on Online Dating to provide the best answer for the simple question: “and which Portal suits me?”

2015: USA Darting in Silicon Valley
We participate in the German Accelerator Startup program of the German federal government, which gives German Startups the opportunity to learn from the “very big” in the Silicon Valley in California.

Here, we examine the American dating market on-site for several months. Here we learn a lot about it, because very many single exchanges are developed in the USA and thus we sit directly at the source.

2016: Expansion and Facebook-study
Our comparison portal is becoming more and more popular. That is why we are expanding into our neighbouring country Switzerland and even to Australia. The Team is growing and we are facing new challenges.

Finally, in collaboration with the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, we publish our second major Facebook study with over 10,000 profiles and 4.2 million data sets.

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2018: we continue to expand!
Our comparison portal continues to grow globally: we launch in the USA, Great Britain, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

And now?
We at USA Darting we are constantly working to provide you with the best information on online Dating.

Love on the Internet

Studies show that Online Dating works:
About 1/3 of all German couples get to know each other via online Dating
Couples who have met virtually are on average happier
Only: which of Germany’s around 2,400 online Dating portals is suitable for one, can not even answer just so.

But who wants to save time in the search for the right Portal is on USA Darting that’s right. We want to make it easier for you to find the right Portal and advise you on the journey in the Online Dating world as possible.

You prefer to go through portals yourself? Read our reviews and our online Dating tips.

You want to know exactly which Portal suits you? Then use our Dating Barometer.

Test & comparison for over 10 years
The computer science students have completed their studies and USA Darting it is always a new reader.

The Team of USA Darting continuously expanding and is dedicated to day-to-day task is to offer you as a Single to partner with the best possible information and to give you a clear Overview in the jungle of the Online Dating portals.

The press also knows us very well: as Dating experts and with our study, we have already been referred to over 300 times as a source. Our unique material is also part of many scientific papers. You want to know more? You can find out more on our press page.

We wish you every success on the way to your great love 🙂

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