Helene Fischer criticism of the Management by Avicii

Helene Fischer criticism of the Management by Avicii

Was Tim Bergling used? Helene Fischer talks openly about loneliness. Our world is fast-paced. So why should you wait for perfect chilled and sparkling or boiling hot water? Remedy the GROHE water systems GROHE Blue and GROHE Red create here.

They deliver invented the perfect taste, and 100°C hot water directly from the tap “water re -“! In April 2018 Avicii (†28) chose the suicide. To be made during the lifetime of the DJ is clear that the strong pressure of the music industry has destroyed him. Helene Fischer , 33, knows how hard the Business can be.

You see, above all, the Management of Tim Bergling is the responsibility. The death of a Star-DJ Avicii still moves a lot of people. Tim Bergling died at just 28-years-old by suicide , has shocked his Fans around the world. Also to Helene Fischer the Drama has not gone to the young people in Sweden have in the past. In the Austrian show “Breakfast with me” she talked with the presenter Claudia Stöckl about the sad topic.

The pop star can understand that Tim Bergling was sometime at the end of its forces: it went from zero to a Hundred. It is applied by jets around the world and I think every day on the stage and played his Shows – plus the jet lag. This is already hard.

They suspected that the DJ and producer has been exploited without regard for losses. Instead of paying attention to the health of the artist, his Management probably only the dollar signs in the eyes. Probably managers who have urged him easy and big money have seen that have said, come on , we’re going now, but the damage, of course, on the duration, there were white stars. Helene Fischer himself also knows the dark side of success.

For over ten years on stage, sleeps more often in the hotel room than in her own bed. This loneliness is crazy , you gave everything, the best hours experienced as an energy exchange, you can’t even describe it. To process this, everyone has to find his way. The Russian-born, can’t imagine the end of their career but still.

I would be pleased if I take care not to stand still in 30 years on the stage, and that the fun is lost. If everything is too excessive and I do, at this rate, I fear that it is too much, a she admits honestly. Currently, the pop Queen on a stadium tour. On the last appearance, she is even looking forward a little: I yearn for a bit more quiet , I have to admit honestly. 2019, the 33-Year-old would like to address, therefore, even without a full schedule.

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