Do Celebrity Weight Loss Plans Really Work?

We look at celebrities and think, “Wow, if her weight loss makes her look that good, it should work for me too!” And often, we’re wrong! Why is that?

The first reason, and there are several, is that these people have grim determination to lose weight no matter what the consequences are. They need to look glamorous and slim because that is what the industry demands from them. Many times, they choose the wrong method like surgery, pills, drastic diet plans, and even starvation or vomiting.

The second reason is that they can afford to hire a private trainer or nutritionist to prepare every meal and handle the exercise hour according to their specific needs. We all have specific needs like having excess fat in our upper arms, thighs, abdomen, chin, or even ankles.

Thirdly they have money or they have access to funds or services to support their weight loss plan. Some of them sign up with high-profile weight control companies as an endorser and they get the full VIP treatment for free, plus their talent fee.

About 90% of the rest of humanity does not get to enjoy these types of perks. Nonetheless, there are viable options for weight loss available.

Join a Reality TV Program

How about being The Biggest Loser? You may think this is funny but people do line up to be in a TV show where they can benefit in 3 ways: make money, lose weight, and become famous themselves. Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities to be in a program like this. It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

In case you do get a chance to be in a free weight loss program, the benefits are tremendous aside from those listed above. One gets to bring his or her weight under control under close supervision, no payment needed, and with all the latest equipment.

Adopting the Same Approach Taken By The TV Program On Your Own

There have been quite a number of people who have just tried to follow the format of TV programs on weight loss on their own, and this is very, very risky. According to experts, dramatic drops in weight can affect glucose and insulin levels. There are many side effects that can happen especially if the person has a pre-existing medical condition he may or may not know about. Keep in mind that programs like The Biggest Loser have expert medical staff who monitor every contestant very closely. Without such monitoring you are at extreme risk.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery involves reducing the capacity of the stomach by one of several methods. This is an extreme option that will cost you at least US$30,000 depending on your surgeon. It is also invasive, which means you are on the operating table and under anesthesia. There are many possible risks in any kind of medical surgery. Furthermore, insurance does not cover this type of surgery, which means it would be an out-of-pocket expense. A number of celebrities have undergone this procedure, but that does not mean that it is for everyone.

Try One Of Their Weight Plans

A lot of celebrities have come up with their own “personalized weight and diet plan.” The best way to deal with these is to pick the most sensible parts and forego the parts that aren’t feasible or are unusual. For instance one of the most important ideas that have come out of these plans is to avoid emotional eating.

Look for Natural Methods

One logical option would be to go natural. Look for a program that will not upset your stomach or system, that will have minimal to no side effects, and that is effective. If you can find this weight loss plan, then you don’t have to worry about surgeries or celebrities.

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