Valentime Test September 2019 – Real-Singles meet

Valentime Test September 2019 - Real-Singles meet

Valentime Test September 2019 - Real-Singles meet

Valentime in the Test of September 2019.

Many members want a serious relationship Detailed application Users are mainly between 25 and 45 years of age, The majority of the female User comes from Eastern Europe, messages can be sent at the beginning of free-of-charge free-text field in the profile, No-cost overview of the available profile videos can only be by the number of Credits watched Credits for as little as $2,99 to be bought .

Registration Process: 4,0 /5 Contact: 3,5 /5 Profile Information: 3,0 /5 App: Practice Test: 4,0 /5.

Our Test Report.

The Portal Valentime promises to be a reputable platform through which you can Singles from all over the world to get to know. At first glance, many users seems to really be in a serious relationship interested. However, these Users are, indeed, real, or fake, Fakes? Many Features allow, for example, the exchange of messages, images and Videos, as well as the Sending of gifts. These actions are free or fall here for some of the things cost? To give you an Overview of the Dating Portal Valentime, we have taken the side under the microscope and here are the answers to all the important questions and Details .

Anyone who is registered here?

Many female Users from Eastern Europe, the majority of the User has the profile by ID verified, Many members are looking for solid partnerships and women to make contact the first step most of The Users are between 25 and 45 years old.

The Singles that are logged on to the Portal Valentime, are mainly looking for serious partnerships, and sometimes even after a wedding. Most of the Users are between 25 and 45 years old, especially men are also found to 55. Due to the verification identity document, is to quickly detect whether a User is real or not. The number of Profiles in which there is, at first glance, doubts about the authenticity, are verified. It is very positive that women do make the first step and the conversations begin. The majority of the logged-on ladies comes from the Eastern European region. According to the information, you can find it on the profile, are made the most Users and have a high school degree.

The registration process.

Registration by E-Mail sign-up process takes about 3 minutes, Some of the information already needs to be according to the notification made by E-Mail-address must be confirmed After the registration User can contact.

The registry on Valentime is very easy and fast. After only 3 minutes, you already have an Account. Your E-Mail address you have to confirm what was in the Test as a Problem – the E-Mail with the verification link was not received even after repeated Request. You can Valentime however, even without this step. Have you given all of the data belonging to the registration, (this will include your Name, birthday, place of residence, and E-Mail address), you need to now some information about you and your standards to your future Partner. Then your profile is ready to use and you can directly contact the first User and receive on the home page, first proposals. A photo of you on Valentime at any time voluntarily upload.


A variety of contact options free search filter messages and sending pictures is free Videos can also be in the Chat sent Through Pop-ups, you will receive notifications about new activities.

Valentime is a Portal where you can about different ways to contact other users record. And charge only for the Sending of gifts is here. To find a member, you can use the detailed cost-benefit-free search filter. Here you can make, for example, information on appearance and place of residence of the User. You found a User you like, you can start on the profile of the entertainment. You don’t know what you are to write, you can send a Wink. Also a Like can you free ship to interest. News on Valentime-to-date, free of charge, then a Minute, 2 Credits costs. You are going to receive from a User a Video, you can only watch if you pay for 30 Credits. Photos are free visible. On the user profile, you can see if a member has been verified by card. This is especially useful if you have doubts about the authenticity of the User. You want to be a member is not contacted, it is lock possible to. Also a message to the Support is possible, if there is a rule violation.

Profile information.

Information on the profiles are often not in great detail In a free text field you can in your own words about you Upload 15 photos to tell possible Userprofile are the same for all members, free of charge, visible profile videos can be viewed against the payment of 20 Credits .

The Valentime user profile, which is not where the is not free of filled text very meaningful, must largely be already completed at the beginning of the registry. The information you can to Supplement any other time, or change. Also, the profile photos you can upload according to your request. A photo is not a requirement to be able to use the site. Many of the Users have at least 10 pictures and sometimes even Videos of themselves uploaded. Photos and profile information for all other members free of charge visible. Watching Videos, however, must be paid. Very many of the User use of the opportunity, in the free text field to specify what you’re looking for, and to tell a little about yourself. Almost all members fill in this Information in English, as the rest of the Valentime information is in English. The language you can’t change here, unfortunately .

An App is not currently available. Android and iOS users need to access, therefore, to the well-functioning, mobile Website .

Practice test.

Valentime is a beautiful site, especially for Singles who speak English. This is essential in order to communicate with other Singles. Especially great Features, such as the gifts are. It is not like other platforms, purely virtual, but real gifts to be sent to the recipient users home. Valentime offers many Features to make Online Dating exciting and entertaining. A really recommendable site, for which it is worth to spend money.

Valentime is built in a pleasant Design, which is, even without a long acclimatization transparent. In some of the Windows you will not display advertising, which is not really disturbing, because it is Pop-ups or huge banners. You are in the Valentime Website, you will get small Pop-ups, and a beep sound on new notifications informed. This can be obtained on request by E-Mail. You have questions to the Support team, responds to this on the weekend very quickly via e-Mail. You’re on the go and want access to your messages, you don’t need to the mobile site, which is very well adapted to use as an Android or iOS App is currently still available. Both the mobile, as well as the normal Website will work reliably and not need to long for the page to build. This of course requires a good Internet connection .

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