The Reason Behind Celebrity Obsessions

The United States of America has an obvious out of control obsession with famous celebrities within our culture. There is a fine line between being a fan, and wanting to stalk someone’s every move and action. But what’s the reasoning behind our obsessions?

There are multiple ways of thinking about this. One is not as well thought of, this being that fact that just by liking someone, they become famous. This seems obvious, however here are some examples to explain. Remember back to high-school, or even junior high, there were the “popular” students, and then everyone else. What the figurative “everyone else” group of people for whatever reason didn’t realize, is those who they likely disliked (the popular kids), were popular because of them. What I mean is, anyone can become a celebrity simply because of their surroundings.

In today’s pop-culture, more and more average people are becoming famous celebrities. This is due to the explosion of reality television, that was initially invented by MTV back in the mid 1990’s. In the early 2000’s, reality television game shows exploded, making the winners instant millionaire’s and thus a celebrity icon. Now reality television has been focused on what is perceived by reality as abnormal such as young teen pregnancy, extremely overweight people, those with drug addictions etc. These people are becoming well known celebrities, not because they were initially perceived as cool but because of their abnormal actions made them remember-able.

Another common reason for celebrity obsession is physical features. Many people frequently visit their favorite celebrity gossip blog for the latest photos and news about their beloved celebrity. Famous actresses and actors alike are fully aware their looks play a huge part in marketing themselves and exploit it to the full extent.

What most American’s just don’t understand is that the famous are made because of them. Recent reality television shows have proved this to be true, that those who they can’t relate to in a certain way become a celebrity to them.

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