Oliver Pocher settlement with the Lombardi’s

Oliver Pocher settlement with the Lombardi’s

The Entertainer divides neatly against the parents from Oliver Pocher goes to Pietro and his Ex-wife Sarah. The reason is that The two show their son Alessio a permanent part of your Social Media channels. Our world is fast-paced. So why should you wait for perfect chilled and sparkling or boiling hot water?

Remedy the GROHE water systems GROHE Blue and GROHE Red create here. They deliver invented the perfect taste, and 100°C hot water directly from the tap “water re -“! In network Sarah, 26, and Pietro Lombardi , 27 are longer under fire, because they present their son, Alessio, 4, constantly to the Public.

Now Comedian Oliver Pocher , 41, a mixes, and is expecting an unsparing analysis of the two … He takes no sheet before the mouth. In an exclusive Interview with OK! go Oliver Pocher on Pietro Lombardi and his Ex-wife Sarah.

The reason is that The two show Justin Timberlake Takes Time Off His Tour To Bond Wi their son Alessio a permanent part of your Social Media channels. With so much selfishness Oliver, the collar bursts, as he tells us in the “Coca-Cola Energy”-Release Party in Hamburg: I don’t like parents who pull their children out in Public. ‘Oh, look: this tasty tea. My son also like’, according to APE, he is an exemplary Posting of the Influencer.

A nasty side-swipe at Sarah? After all, it is advertising on Social Media diligently for Fitness teas and Shakes. And: it shows Sonny Alexis on Instagram.

Whether at Play, at the airport, in bed or on holiday – her 1.1 million Instagram Followers know pretty much exactly what drives the Small just. A real rager for the comedian: “I think we have a responsibility as parents,” he says. In reverse: Oli keeps Sarah and Pietro for being irresponsible! Because of the “Phenomenal”singer brings his four-year-old son for a Serenade in front of the lens. Oliver is an absolute taboo ! In my eyes, you do not need to put every Single release the child back to the piano, in order to generate any Likes , etches Oli.

He himself would ever have had the idea, his three children, he Wölden with Ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-to exploit 36, has, in such a way. Also, the Baby expects his girlfriend Amira, 26, who is definitely not on Facebook & co. Show.

Oliver blasphemes: You have to tell the parents how embarrassing her behavior was. If he wants to talk about the Lombardi’s changes to the Conscience? “I practice there’s no pressure on Pietro,” says Oliver. “He is old enough and can do what he wants. “

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