With more than 50 million users registered on the site today, OkCupid is one of the leading dating websites in today's times. The user experience and trust that the members show in the site is proof in itself that it is highly preferred by users across a large area. However, one will find the maximum users on the site to be from the United States. The registering process on the site and accessing its basic features is quite simple. There are easy to use OkCupid messaging as well as OkCupid search options that can help the users find their OkCupid match based on their personality as well as compatibility match.

Here’s a complete review of the OkCupid dating website for you!

Features of OkCupid site

Signup process to build a perfect OkCupid profile

The signup process on OkCupid is quite simple and hassle-free. It takes about 5-10 minutes to set up a complete profile as the site expects you to answer a few in-depth questions to understand your personality and compatibility preferences better. Also, for the OkCupid profile, one can import images directly from platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This adds a lot of convenience for the users.

After the signup process is complete, the members get suggestions almost instantly based on the questionnaire that they answered during signup.

OkCupid Messaging and interaction facilities

The members of the website can browse through millions of profiles registered on the website. Using the OkCupid search option, one can find ideal matches and also look through to understand which matches are online. One can ‘like’ the OkCupid profile they find attractive. Also, the latest update in OkCupid messaging allows the users to view the initial messages alongside their profile itself. This helps them get a better idea of the profile. The ‘Quickmatch' features make the process even better.

Safety and security of the OkCupid site

One can trust the site that it will protect the personal information of its members by offering options which allow them to interact with other users on the site in an anonymous manner. It is the personal choice of the users to share their personal information with other members on the site.

There is an internal system that allows anonymous OkCupid messaging service to the members. Also, the A-list members of the site can change their usernames for better security. Also, for better safety, it is better if the users go through the Privacy Policy as well as Safety Tips listed on the website.

OkCupid pricing services

The members get access to free services of the website, which include registration, messaging service, match searching as well as using the basic search filters. The free membership also offers the ‘Double Take’ feature that allows the users to swipe right or left as per their interest in the profiles shown to them.

However, to access all the exciting features of the website, the members need to become A-list users. The site offers quite affordable and reasonable monthly as well as yearly plans. These plans can get access to premium functionalities of the website, like checking out who likes the pictures. Also, the facility to get ‘message read' receipts and use advanced filters of the website to find the perfect match can be used.

Apart from this, the daily auto-boost feature is also applied in the paid membership. In this, the profile gets highlighted and thus, are shown with more frequency.

Design of the OkCupid website

The design and styling of the website are very simple and elegant. It is neat and tidy, thus, very convenient for the users to understand the interface and utilize it. All the functions are well laid out and displayed in a straightforward manner on the site. The tabs present in the top menu itself have all the features as well as functions listed out properly.

The appearance and styling of the site is a pleasing blue shade combined with white. Thus, portraying simplicity as well as sophistication. And, for the highlights, such as notifications, they utilize pink color. The design and interface of the site are smooth and impressive.

OkCupid App

The mobile application of the OkCupid site is also equally simple and attractive. The user interface is perfect and offers a roulette-type matchmaking facility. The members can see which users have messaged them easily using the app, and the app adds much more convenience to the services the site provides.

A few pages can take a little longer to load. However, on the whole, the app is an added functionality of convenience for the users. The ‘Double Take' feature is much more attractive on the mobile application of the site. And, for those constantly on the go, the app is a great medium to stay connected with the potential OkCupid matches.


OkCupid is a fulfilling website with fantastic features to offer. OkCupid visitors are quite satisfied with the services of the dating services provided. However, for those who wish to explore other options as well, the alternatives for OkCupid include online dating sites like:

- Match.com
- Plenty of Fish
- Cupid.com
- Lavalife.com

Usability of the website

Suitable for

There are over 50 million users who are registered on OkCupid website. There are plenty of users who are registered on the website in search of a casual OkCupid hook-up. However, there are quite a lot of people in search of a serious relationship too. Thus, whatever it is that you expect from a dating website, OkCupid is fit to get you that! There is an option for finding ‘long term relationships,' ‘short term relationships,' ‘new friends' as well as ‘OkCupid hook-ups.' The users can select the criteria they wish to explore. This is what makes the site very appealing for the users.

Majority of the users registered on the website are from the United States. Thus, finding an ideal OkCupid match for yourself in the states is much more feasible on the website. Also, the OkCupid site is more suited for the population in the ages between 25 and 34. Also, the ratio of male members on the site is much higher than that of women.

Not suitable for

One will find a variety of members on the website of different ages and interests. However, the age distribution between the age of 18 and 24 and for those who are 55+ years in age is comparatively lesser. Thus, finding an ideal match for themselves can get a little tough for the users in this age group.

Pros of using OkCupid as your dating site

  • The user interface is simple and straightforward. Thus, making it easy for users to use varied functions.
  • Free of cost browsing as well as interaction facilities with registered users.
  • Upgrading to the A-list facility is quite cheap and affordable
  • Plenty of exciting features on offer!
  • Quickmatch feature makes the search of OkCupid match easier.
  • Anonymous browsing and messaging feature available for A-list users.
  • Enhanced connectivity with other social media platforms to make the environment more casual.

Cons of OkCupid

  • Few uninterested users as the site are free of cost.
  • To access all the website functionalities, one needs to pay for certain services.
  • Smaller cities and towns do not have many matches
  • Customer service can become a little unresponsive at times.

Final verdict

OkCupid is fun to use, a convenient online dating platform that is ideal for users of different personalities to find their perfect match. Overall, it can be rated as a 9.5 out of 10 considering the features it provides and the ease of usability that it offers.
The quality of members registered on the site is top-notch, the safety of users is taken care of, and the pricing is quite affordable. The payment options are also quite convenient, which are more reliable and secured for the members. And, the features on offer make the experience thrilling and enjoyable for the users.
A user couldn’t really ask for much more! Hope this OkCupid Review helped you in gaining a better understanding of the utility as well as features of this exciting online dating platform.

Profiles on OKCupid
  • Barbara

  • Analia

  • Anastasiya

  • Bianca 26

  • Alejandra

  • Bat

  • Bernadeth

  • Adine 35

  • Analyn 35

  • Bernadeth

  • Amy

  • Andreia

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