Love Story #18 : Paolo

If it does not run round, we like to point your Finger at the Partner. Our reader did that too, for too long. And now has a terrifying insight: it bears decisive share

At that time we were like all new lovers: no Minute without each other. The sky is pink. We against the Rest of the world. And we were later like all who knew each other a little longer: we understood each other without words. Knew what the other likes and what not. Had our recurring quarrels. Today? Well, today I see that I didn’t let you be like you. Over and over again and too often your quirks have inflated to serious errors.

But in turn, everything fell into my lap. I always knew exactly what I wanted. How to be my life and my relationship.
I pressed you to my Schema

You used to be bad at it? I was annoyed, instead of taking you in the Arm and listening to me lovingly, what oppresses you. Because in my world life is a crunchy pony farm. And I want my Partner to go with me. I stamped you as a bitch.

You’re running scheme F in bed? I was bored, not talking to you about whether we didn’t even want to try something new together. Or maybe even come out of the Quark and surprise you. I stamped you as a bore.

You wanted to invite your family to us more often? I went through, wanted the time exclusively with you, instead of realizing that the gang of raccoons belongs to you and they are important to you. I stamped you as the nest stool, and Mama’s boy.

You were fond of a career reorientation? I asked if you were still at comfort, to let your Position and the coal go through the rag, instead of noticing that you were about to Burn Out and almost every day with grumbling in your stomach went to the office. I stamped you as risky and irresponsible.

All these stamps, after a certain period of time, caused me to make us and our love bad. I made you sick. All of this, however, was in my eyes only to blame you. You did this for a long time, promised you’d change. But I, you, both of us realized that it’s not possible to change everything.

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