LinkedIn – Why is the Networking Platform for the life partner suitable

LinkedIn - Why is the Networking Platform for the life partner suitable to the country have drawn

LinkedIn – Why more and more people on life partner?

LinkedIn is for making professional contacts, but it is increasingly common that the platform will be alienated for Online Dating purpose. But it’s worth it at all, or it should better be the Finger of them? We have for you the advantages and disadvantages relating to the topic of Dating on LinkedIn weighed.

What is LinkedIn used originally ?

If you’re currently on the job hunt, your LinkedIn probably already familiar with. Because the platform was originally launched as a network in which you have to maintain all of its existing Business contacts and new business can establish connections .

You can build a network of contacts, by searching, for example, according to the Website name or the company, which has been taken as future employers. Here are displayed the contacts that are already in this company and you can contact them via Mail. In addition, LinkedIn also acts as a job Board, because in the tab “Jobs” you will be shown the current vacancies, you can also according to your favorite company can filter. With the LinkedIn App, you have your job Board is almost always there and you can create your own Portfolio, you have the opportunity to be of companies discovered that are looking for someone with exactly your skills .

Since you know exactly what LinkedIn should peculiarly be used, we proceed now to the fact that LinkedIn is often entfremded purpose and more of a Dating platform, transformed – by the Way, LinkedIn has noticed this Trend and is trying to give with the Launch of their own Dating App called Wink to the users what they want.

Why is LinkedIn so good to find a Partner ?

We have analyzed as to why LinkedIn is ideal at all as a Dating platform. After all, there are a variety of other platforms that were opened for this purpose. So what constitutes the appeal of the use of the Business-side partner-finding ?

1. Honesty in the profile position.

If you look at a Dating profile of a Person on a conventional Dating platforms, you can never be sure what kind of pictures/ Bios real are or where glossed over, or even was a lie. On Dating sites you have to register after all, for the pure purpose to get a Date, which is why many of the Dater in a particularly good light want to represent .

When it comes to your career, are people, however, something more honest. You can lie in his LinkedIn profile, however, this is not made nearly as often as in the case of Dating Websites and Apps.

Today, most companies conduct Background Checks of applicants – quite banal said you googled will your future boss, and a well-maintained LinkedIn page can be left at the potential new employer a positive image of you. Now, if you would in your LinkedIn profile, lies, flies this is probably at the latest during the interview and so that you’re not for the Job competitive. Therefore, there is a greater incentive not to lie on LinkedIn. Although there are certainly people on their LinkedIn profiles lie, and yet many job offers to the country have drawn – exceptions known to the rule. In General, you can specify you, however, to rely on what members on LinkedIn .

2. Fake Profiles are easily recognizable.

You got someone on LinkedIn found that arouses your interest? The probability that this Person is a Catfisher, or a robot, is vanishingly small. Of course, it may be that people are trying to lead with trumped-up company LinkedIn User behind the light, but such Profiles are relatively easy to expose: just have a look at their contacts and google for this. If you find no content, you can be pretty sure that it is a Fake Account. So, always perform this Test, then you’re not a victim of Romance Scammers, data thieves and Co.

LinkedIn - Why is the Networking Platform for the life partner suitable attempt on

With LinkedIn, you will get also a good Overview of the career and training of a Person, which can already reveal a lot about their personality. On Online Dating profiles, you may find less of such honest Details as here.

3. The members on LinkedIn are successful.

Someone who created a profile on LinkedIn, has set itself the goal to make a career. LinkedIn is full of professional, ambitious people who want to have all the success. The perfect recipe for a great Dating Pool for you. You can find people with the same interests, or even with old school acquaintances re-connecting .

Of course, there are a certain number of LinkedIn accounts that are below average, because they are, for example, filled only half way. But, nevertheless, it can be easier to find on LinkedIn a “Partner level”, as on other Dating platforms.

What can go wrong?

So far so good, after you know why LinkedIn is used by many now as a Dating platform, you think maybe about it, it’s self-test. But we can’t share with you at this point that the partner brings to LinkedIn also has its disadvantages and risks. If the just listed advantages of LinkedIn as a partner stock exchange, promising for you, resolved, weighing, with the following points, before you have your first Flirt attempt on the Networking platform dare:

1. Violation of the usage guidelines.

According to the Terms and conditions of LinkedIn, it is not acceptable to send unsolicited (romantic, insulting, etc.) messages, or other equally inappropriate messages on LinkedIn. Members can log all messages of this type as being inappropriate, because you are in breach of the terms, conditions, and guidelines of the Community. The LinkedIn Team is investigating the reported message and take appropriate action, which may even result in a blocking of the reported LinkedIn user account. In addition, there is on LinkedIn is a blocking function is to control the each LinkedIn user is allowed to filter in advance, what kind of messages they want to receive .

2. Your career can harm .

LinkedIn is to facilitate professional Networking and you greater opportunities on the job market gain. But what if you catches anyone’s attention by unpleasant and offensive flirt messages to potential employers only negative? Exactly, your career opportunities will decrease. Just because the work world is through LinkedIn, so interconnected, is not a part of it is the rarity that many people are in leadership positions or HR Manager in contact with each other. If you are now unwanted and harassing messages, Flirt send a Person can speak this easily around.

3. The company damage can are employed by you .

The use of LinkedIn as a Dating Site can damage not only your personal career, it can also bring consequences for your company. Because, in the unwanted Flirt messages are in the end nothing other than sexual harassment. There have been a few cases in which through LinkedIn Jobs in return for sexual activities were offered, and what is simply an abuse of power. In these cases, the employer had to bear the consequences, because often the employer is responsible for the behavior of workers on the professional network platform.

To the point: is it Worth it LinkedIn as a substitute a real partner exchanges?

We have the advantages and disadvantages weighed, and have to say that the disadvantages are more serious. There are countless Dating sites can sign up for you, if you’re looking for a Partner from a particular profession. And the best part: you won’t have to risk it, to put your career in the Sand, but can careless flirt.

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