Jappy Test September 2019 Kindergarten or a single exchange for all

and liking pictures

Jappy in the Test of 2019.

especially for young people aged 14 as a contact exchange and social network for friendships, suitable for young people who want to independently go in search of new contacts and have fun at the chat and play Matching no professional matchmaking psychological. Anyone looking for a Partner, you really should. our matchmaking is not a pure single market around, but also a social network, similar to Facebook Who flirts rather, will be in the case of single stock exchanges more find. is not a Portal for spontaneous Dates, and page jumps.

What is hidden behind Jappy.de?

Jappy was established in the year 2001 in Germany, originally as a Social Media platform and is used today primarily to make contact to new friends. You’re looking for a a Partner for life, or an exciting date, you’re going to have jappy.de difficulties .

Indeed, there is not a lot of Singles on the Portal, however, the Acquaintance is, for the purpose of relationship in the foreground. To fall in love with jappy.de you should have a large Dose of patience in your Luggage .

Here are some facts to Jappy:

many of the moderators and administrators of more than a Million Mails a day frequent members of your own Blog, meet in many cities, with information on new developments, internal games for entertainment all the functions are available free of charge, but the constant ads.


Young people can register from the age of 14 in the case of Jappy. Age focus is between 14 and 30 years, the Users have an average of 23.

The registration and profile building.

To log in to Jappy.de you have to be in possession of an E-Mail address you need to verify then. The following things are recorded in your log:

E-mail address, date of birth, place of residence, Nickname password (at least 8 digits + number) security question + answer.

After your completed registration you will receive an E-Mail sent to you containing a Link. This you have to press in order for your profile in Jappy is unlocked .

It is also recommended to look at the sign again read the terms of use: Here are the different conditions for users of different age groups are listed.

The minimum age to be used for the protection of minors. Jappy should have doubts about whether you have the minimum age we can request a proof of age. Jappy shall block the profile if in Doubt, or delete.

Your profile consists of several sections, most of the information you put in the Details. An important point is the activation of the flirt option! With a small tick mark you specify that you are allowed to anflirten. The following opportunities for you:

your marital flirt option you are to activate . your interests, your groups, your profession, your life in 20 years.

In addition, you will have the opportunity after logging in, upload a profile picture. This will be editorially reviewed and only unlocked when you’re in the profile. Naked pictures are not unlocked due to the protection of minors .

There is also the possibility to create multiple photo albums. With regard to the photo quantity there is no of Jappy.de set amount limit. The photo albums can you make it available for the entire Community to the public, or the access to your friends limit.

You can register via Facebook and your Jappy profile with your Account in Facebook link. So you don’t have to fill out extra all data as a whole. As a result, no content on your Facebook but posted page, and your data will be protected as far as possible, and in the day-to-delete App under the profile settings or to modify.


After you are logged in, you have several options if you record to other members, contact want to.

1. The Ticker.

Similar to the status message at Facebook you can with the Jappy Ticker daily your Are, your occupation or your personal Statements, post.

Other Users get your Ticker displayed on the home page, so that you can arouse your interest can. In the same way, you can publish in Jappy pictures and your newest Selfie share them with other users – best you to show you how you to have fun, or one of your Hobbies is admirable.

2. The Search.

The search lets you, for example, members find. You give in, how many miles can live your desire to remove members, if you want to have a photo and whether they should just be online .

To be your details of suitable members displayed in a preview image, and you can access your profile .

3. Personal Contact.

direct messages, commenting, and liking pictures, Statements or comments to the guestbook entry with the collected Credits to buy a gift .

The members Jappy.de they are quite active, what is the second new no status messages visible. Messages will not be answered by girls and women, often even, however, if there is an answer, it is usually within a few hours. Significantly more active male members. We tested with a female Account and have already received a half-hour after registration, the first contact requests. There are daily sent about a Million messages, as the statistics of Jappy shows.

Is sponge good to use?

At first glance, Jappy seems to be somewhat complex, there are many sub-menus and a couple of hours pass quite, up to the most important functions are learned. If you’re totally in the sub-menus entangled you, can get help by clicking on the Jappy character and you’re back in the main menu.

In terms of color design Jappy is quite monotonous, the Background is plain White and does not read the font sometimes optimal, because it is light grey. Your own profile, you can customize with background images and uploaded photos, however, and so the color give.

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