IDates in the Test of September 2019 – rip off or hot Dates

Makes it Boranu with iDates

Без кейворда.

iDates a single stock exchange, the Boranu Online B. V., the company operates MyDates and SofortDates69 is .

In the official App Stores of Apple and Google, the opinions are divided: Some users praise the great Dating application – other, in contrast, the high cost, as well as the doubt, criticize, Flirt, be liable chances there.

SofortDates69 we have already tested and came to no good result. Makes it Boranu with iDates better? This is the question that we clarify in our detailed Review.

Lightning-fast registration Optional registration with Facebook and Google+ possible 100 Coins starting credits for free at a Few mandatory details required.

Sign in to iDates is quick and easy: in addition to the choice of your nick name and password, you need only specify your age, and your email address and you’re ready to go with the Flirting. Registration with Facebook or Google+ is still faster.

Your email address must not necessarily be confirmed. You get then all the time notify, to do this, but there are no restrictions in the functional scope have been detected .

To get started, you moreover, there is 100 Coins starting credits given to you to write your first message can.


Almost exclusively entertainers and operators According to self-disclosure: 60% percentage of women Users mainly between the ages of 18 and 50 years.

The self-promotion of the company Boranu Online B. V. sounds almost too good to be true: a rich 60% of women will be publicly advertised. A look at the terms and conditions on triggers, how is that possible – on iDates so-called “anima be used expensive” or “operators”. These are employees of the company, to create a variety of Accounts and number of messages (i.e., sales) in the amount. It goes without saying that these Singles to Fakes. Neither photos, nor information are real and it is explicitly mentioned that any of the real Meetings are excluded with these users. Double bad: These employees are nowhere to be identified, and lure unsuspecting men into the (cost-)case. Probably the real ladies we have found during our Research. However, the animators seem to be available around the clock and offer for a chat. The answers to our messages, a spin quickly – finally, the controllers are paid to do it .

The Profiles are – with the exception of the free-text field for “About me”, by and Large, well filled and give a first view on the Opposite. Photos almost all of the users available.

The Dating Portal is aimed mainly at heterosexual users over the age of 18 and 50 years. An opportunity as a Couple to register, does not exist. Also, the LGBT’s percentage to Zero.

The standard scope of possible information Unlimited Upload of photos, No Privacy options.

The Profiles iDates give a first indication: Dating-related (sexual orientation, relationship status, the search grid), physical characteristics (size, figure), as well as Personal (education, occupation, Smoking/alcohol, children, language) are in the information is possible. Also a free text field called “About me” in which you find yourself closer to can imagine. In addition, you can upload as many images as you want.

An Option to make only certain users to images or information is accessible, does not exist. Everything can always be changed or updated. A separate verification is not available.

Contact the manufacture.

Search options are defective, No sorting and filter options to contact via Chat for a fee Clear arrangement of the chat window, kisses, and Likes for Shy available.

The search for iDates will be limited to the bare minimum – it can only be by gender, age range and city wanted. Filter options such as “only Singles” or, according to the Online Status, do not exist. Similarly, the results can be sorted by age or distance. Unfortunately, the search yielded, thus, no precise results.

The possibilities of contact are limited to three options. Most classical way of sending a message. This can be directly on the profile shipped (50 Coins). Practically we find the representation as a chat window similar to Facebook: how to keep track of and can also lead to several conversations in parallel .

For the Shy iDates offers two ways to Flirt: Sending a “kiss” (30 Coins) and the Likes. As soon as you have yet a user and to return the Like, will automatically open a new Chat. So you can be sure that the Person is interested in you. In the mobile App, you will be by means of a Push-message about the news kept up to date. In the Desktop Version of the notification is done via E-Mail. This can be with a click on “Newsletter” unsubscribe unsubscribed .

Overall, we find these paths is sufficient. With the launch of credit in the amount of 100 Coins, one comes however not very far, and must charge the internal currency with real money again .


Simple user guide notifications off Android and iOS App available.

The page structure iDates is straightforward and demands no additional explanation – hence the FAQ deals only with questions regarding payment and billing.

The Portal is easy to understand and intuitive to use: The most important menu points in the top bar. Also the search function is constantly present. Especially convenient we found the chat window, which facilitate the contact with several users at the same time immensely .

iDates offers both Android as well as iOS is a mobile Smartphone App. These can be downloaded in the official Stores. The functionality of the Browser Version to them in nothing: they are clear and easy to use.

In our Test, we had to report any technical problems to .

iDates in the practice test.

Faster and easier entry Only messages from anima Real Dating not excluded thousand inside contact for free possible practically .

Directly after login, we have found our way immediately. Everything was clear and understandable.

Before we fill out our Online business card and photos were able to upload, wobbled the first Chat messages. An example: “Ok, I write you now time even without a picture, but normally I would like to see quite happy with who I write there 😉 The exception applies only to freshmen ;)”. Already a bit strange… would you be with someone without any accessible information chat? No? Yes – we also made skeptical.

After a look in the terms and conditions, we were confirmed in our suspicion. iDates uses Fakes to drive revenue. In the text: “Boranu professional anima is for the entertainment of the users of expensive and operators will not be identified in the System separately. This service is operated in the highest quality. There is no real Meeting with these operators. The user can only send messages within the portal.“ – no, we can’t find a real Date…

More and more messages from users with Model images in the profile were. All Animators. Oddly enough, all of the 25+ shipper were online around the clock; this can be counted as a further indication, since the Boranu-marked employees nowhere. A real woman we met during our visit. The time we would have been able to save us .

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