I was born to loving you baby ?

Why so many relationships fail? The lack of self-love of the Partner. For only those who accept themselves can accept the love of the partner. How we can start a Love Story with ourselves, describes or-reader Julia

The older you get, the harder it becomes to be nice to yourself. How can you be nice to yourself at all, if it is not the world out there often?! Because we live in a society in which self-optimization and perfection of great importance. Self-love is far too short. And self-love is so important. You can’t expect someone else to love a Person if it isn’t even pure with yourself.
Burning feet-what now?
A)I would like to cool my feet.
B) my feet crave a relaxing foot massage.
C) A care with soothing plant extracts soothes my feet best.
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For a long time, too, it was difficult for me to be pure with myself. Too often, I questioned my choices, stressed myself and sought false perfection.
Stop the Stress of self-optimization!

I think each of us knows how hard it was sometimes to be a Teenager. Constantly you are in the fight with yourself, wants to be as cool or thin as the trendy Kids at school. But now at the end of the 20th century I learned that the aim of perfection does not ultimately make me happy. It’s the realization that a Partner, a great Job, or five kilos less will not make you happier if you can’t feel happiness inside. For me, it is the realization that status symbols or perfections are not fulfillment. The knowledge: I am enough myself. I can only experience true happiness through harmony with myself.

So I’m now trying to do more things that make me happy. Away from any perfecting struts or that self-optimization. I was recently swimming again for the first time since a felt eternity. My friends and I used to love swimming. We didn’t care how we looked in our swimsuits or whether we had a few Kilos too much or too little on the ribs, but just had fun. But suddenly everything changed. With the school swimming came the complex and insecurity concerning the own body. We started to compare each other.

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