PR for Fashion Designers

So, you now have a number of media pitches, stories, and hooks that you can present to various media outlets that don’t have a thing to do with celebrities. Using this approach, you and your fashions are the stars. This is the approach I suggest focusing on. Then after you’ve made your splash and established […]

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The Numerology of Elvis Presley – The King of Rock and Roll

Before Elvis, there was nothing. John Lennon How much greater praise could be given by one music superstar, John Lennon, to another, Elvis Presley? But Beatles icon John Lennon was not the only musician to applaud the King of Rock and Roll. World renowned Twentieth Century American musician, conductor, composer, pianist, and author Leonard Bernstein […]

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The Indoor Play Centre: A Merseyside Historical Treasure

As its motto states, ?something for everyone? The New Palace and Adventureland is a stunning combination of old and new amusements. From the most technologically advanced jaw-dropping rides to the simpler but still crowd-pleasing pleasures of old, this indoor play centre (Merseyside?s finest) moves boldly into the 21st century without forgetting its 19th century roots. […]

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