Be2 in the Test of 2019 – rip-off or real Dates

Be2 in the Test of 2019 - rip-off or real Dates This means that, In

be2 in the Test.

mixed audience share of women with high success rate is 57%: 41% find here your partners profile photos for Premium members only visible cost in the upscale area.

Registration Process: 3,5 /5 Contact: 3,0 /5 Profile Information: 3,0 /5 App: 4,0 /5 Practice Test: 4,0 /5.

Our be2 Test rip-off or real Dates?

The matchmaking be2 operates since 2006 in Germany and in a further 36 countries around the globe and enables the limitless search for the perfect Partner for life. Be2 in the Test of 2019 - rip-off or real Dates However, we recommend that you
Of the approximately 2.000.000 members of 150000 are about a week active.

In a personality test your personality is captured on the your partner be voted on proposals. Although there is a tendency to Singles with above-average levels of education and income, however, the audience of is very colourful and your life partner any restriction subject to!

Anyone who is registered here?

colorful mixed composition of Members slight tendency to above-average incomes and a high education level of moderate surplus of women 41% success rate no Fake Profiles in the Test manual profile verification.

Your chances of success in the be2-Dating.

Target audience: mixed audience in search of a long-term partnership in the process, a slight tendency towards Singles with a high level of education and above average income limitless life partner by over 30 million members in 37 countries, every day 25,000 new members around the world Fake add to this the very good partner proposals by Matching on the basis of a personality test have little Profiles through manual testing of new applications.

Age distribution.

18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+

The registration process.

Personality test for Matching the profile information to “views” and “Lifestyle” Supplement-free texts in your profile immediately about 50 partner proposals to select a view that their own photos duration of the registration: approx. 20-30 minutes only on request visible .

Register with, you will carry out with your personal E-Mail address .

In the next step, you fill out the personality test on the basis of which you later suitable partner suggestions. The personality test collects information about the following areas, which are answered using a scale:

To trust a partner (“resolution”, “Caring”, “dominance”) of your views about the relationship (“Ready from the start?”, “Distribution of roles within a relationship?”) their properties (“warm”, “seriously”, “criticism”, “determined”)

It is important that you take enough time and when the questions are not cheating. From the honesty of your answers, your success depend on chance to find the Partner of your life in your partner suggestions! The results of the Tests can you in your profile view, and thus also more about yourself and your behavior in certain situations, find out.

Then you can edit your profile by you Outer General information on age, occupation and your (e.g. “Size”, “figure”, “eye color”, “hair color) are and a profile picture upload. Only if you have set a profile picture, you can look at the photos of other members, after the conclusion of a Premium membership you see swam the photos non. A total of 5 images can be uploaded and for the protection of the anonymity of the feature “Only on request visible” are selected. The free text field “About me” allows you to send a personal message to Singles who visit your profile .

For more information on the areas of views and Lifestyle, you can set via check boxes and star awards. To include the views of your mind”, “your goals” and “your Lifestyle” in General”. Under Lifestyle kitchen”,” dream vacations”,” sports”,” reading”,” music”,” movies and TV shows “and” leisure activities “drop”. The information to your Lifestyle you can with the free texts of up to max. 200 characters complement.

Our conclusion: The login process on lasts a while, but it is clearly structured and can be continued, paused. The photo “function Only on request visible” protects your anonymity – class!


high-quality partner proposals through scientific Matching, unlimited contact with a paid Premium partner membership proposals a personal free message list of your profile visitors (Premium members only) send photos free.

On we calculated an algorithm based on your personality tests, which members fit you best. Be2 in the Test of 2019 - rip-off or real Dates of views and
This means that, In your partners ‘ proposals, you can find only actually relevant to Singles . Partner suggestions you will receive already in the free basic membership. The list of your profile visitors, so the Singles with whom you have a Match, and were already curious about you, you are only in the paid Premium membership available. Using this knowledge, you can go even more targeted potential partners and contact.

Your contact proposals you can send in the free Version personal free message . For further and unlimited communication of the change in the kostenplfichtige membership is necessary. You can set that your photos are only on request visible, can also be the photo request as a first contact used .

Our conclusion: The possibilities for contact are, unfortunately, very limited, too bad that you can’t poke someone by a Smile. In our Test, the list of profile visitors proved to be very helpful. We wrote this, we received a 100% answer!

Profile information.

important information in the profile is not immediately apparent manually verified members: no Fake Profiles in the Test anonymity: photos on “on request Only” to The Profiles in the medium are moderately detailed, The profile can later, profile pictures to be changed are for anyone free of visible.

Since the full contact features are only included in the paid Premium membership, Fake prevents Profiles as much as possible. In our Test, just over half of the members had filled out the Profile completely .

Many members have set profile photos, otherwise you have no way to see the pictures of the other Singles. Only in the Premium Version photos non-swam can be considered. A member has activated the function of “only on request visible”, so you’ll have to ask him first to a share. This protects the anonymity, and can serve as a Conversation starter .

Next to the photo of the area is located on the “About me” information “age”, “Size”, “profession”, “training”, “figure”, “hair and eye color”, “ethnicity”, “Religion”, “Smoking and drinking behavior,” as well as “children”. This information must be entered during the registration process and are, therefore, on all of the profiles completely. A free welcome message with max. 200 characters allows some personalisation of the profile.

In the areas of “views” and “Lifestyle” , so just the categories that reveal more about the members, it suffered at the completeness. Information to the things that are a Single important, and he or she has a goal, as well as food, holidays, sports, books, music, movies are crucial to arouse interest. In addition, text are free of fields with max. 200 characters for the customisation possible.

Our tip: We have tested the contact behavior of the members to a profile with different degrees of Completeness, and could notice a striking difference. You put your profile on fully, so you put the needle in from the crowd and increase your chances of getting the Partner for life.

Browse through your partner recommendations-read and send messages upload photos Push notifications for new messages received.

The be2 App is free for Apple devices at the Apple App Store and for Android Phones in the Google Play Store. The basic functions of the website as a partner proposals to view, read news and send and upload photos can also be in the App comfort of your couch or on-the-go use. The Premium membership can be purchased as In-App purchase .

In the App Stores, some users have reported crashes in the App, in our tests, we could not confirm this. Be2 in the Test of 2019 - rip-off or real Dates view that their own photos
The App ran error-free!

Our conclusion: We find the be2 App managed. Be2 in the Test of 2019 - rip-off or real Dates the App
However, we recommend that you, and not via the App. This is a lot less complicated and Filling out the personality test is much more enjoyable.

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