AbenteuerX in the Test of 2019 – erotic-contacts-Scam or not

AbenteuerX in the Test of 2019 - erotic-contacts-Scam or not

AbenteuerX in the Test of September 2019.

AbenteuerX is an Online Dating platform for the German-speaking area which is mainly aimed at women and men with sexual interests. In addition to the classic Casual Dating is also a paid Online and telephone services offered. On the Internet we read currently a lot of complaints that it should be a rip-off. To check time for us, in detail, what it is about .

Login directly on the page, super-fast registration no Social Media-data unlimited Upload of profile pictures free Coins on confirmation of the e-Mail address.

The registration on the website is quick and easy: in addition to the Nickname, only age, gender, location and sexual preference are necessary in order to make Your profile good to go. After confirmation of the e-Mail address, You will immediately receive a welcome bonus of 30 Coins be credited, which can be used for the use of the Livecam-content, and highlighting of your profile in the results. Your profile can be edited at any time and supplemented. Your uploaded profile images will be reviewed within a few hours on the content and unlocked.

Also free the just for men available, “Dr. Watch Welcome Service is” searching for matching profiles in the vicinity, and automatically “kisses” and friend requests send to other users to make on Your new profile .

The free adult content switch You have two options: immediately Ident of the company klarna, and also for the payment with sofortbanking, known or sending a photo with You, Your staff ID card as well as debit or credit card to the mail address of the customer support.

A deletion of the profile is, unfortunately, cumbersome and can only be via E-Mail, Fax or letter to the operator is made .

ab18-pictures by age test free unlimited Upload of profile pictures, there is no identity check.

The Profiles in AbenteuerX give a good Overview of the Person and their preferences. In addition to the mandatory information such as age, gender, and the first two Numbers of the postal code, You can make optional disclosures of Your appearance, interests and preferences. Very nice we found also the possibility of a “question and answer”part” to enter information, which gives the profile a more personal Touch, and of a variety of users is used. Also, unlimited profile pictures upload has fallen to us. Apart from the XXX-profile pictures, all the information for every User are visible immediately.

AbenteuerX in the Test of 2019 - erotic-contacts-Scam or not

In addition, the match check in the profiles is on Board: Here, You can, at a glance, the compatibility in terms of age, figure, radius, and gender on the basis of Your search options, check.


1.500.000 members by the merger of the portals, a lot of animators mainly heterosexual members.

Through the merger of several portals of the provider (including fremdgehen69, fair and Abenteuer18) is achieved flirt, a high number of users. In the tested Region a lot of users were keen on non-binding contacts online. Unfortunately, Animateur Profiles of AbenteuerX, which is operated by the company itself and any personal Meeting in advance, excluded, dominated, especially in the female users. Many men have a premium account, which is indicated by a crown icon in the perspective image without a paid subscription can not be answered .

There is the possibility of Some Profiles can be created. We have been able to make during our Research, however, none of find. Also, LGBT members were hardly to be found, as AbenteuerX mainly to heterosexual Users is directed to those in the mood for non-binding fun .

Contact the manufacture.

Contact for men charge a wide range of options in advanced search, search results are not sortable moderators are clearly marked contact to animators via phone, SMS, and Cam is possible.

The advanced search provides You with countless options to the right To find: in addition to optical characteristics, can also be according to sexual preferences sought. For men free quick search is limited to age, gender and distance. Unfortunately, we were not able to sort it – with premium features – our results according to the distance or the age .

The animators are clearly marked with a (C) in front of the nick name. These ladies and gentlemen are employed at AbenteuerX and real Meetings are excluded. Fantasies can be lived out with you online in the Chat. Remarkably, here we find also the bandwidth (paid) contact details – here, the choice between phone, SMS and Webcam, is .

AbenteuerX in the Test of 2019 - erotic-contacts-Scam or not

As soon as You find someone interesting, You can record directly via the profile contact. Sending the message, as well as the opportunity to received Messages to replies was the number of men reserved. In addition, there is the opportunity to make “kisses” to send to the attention to You. Your contacts, You can in friends and favorites categories. Unwanted contacts You have to, unfortunately, cumbersome via e-Mail to the customer support report, and can’t block them directly .


clear, functional Design mobile page kept good a little dark .

The structure of the website is concise and clearly structured. News such as, for example, messages, kisses, and friendship requests are displayed in the top bar .

Within a short period of time to find their way around without a guide and supports the platform to be intuitive. If there is confusion, there is a help section that covers the most important questions .

In the official App store, a Version for Android and for iOS are not available. The Clarity and presentation of the mobile page across consoles but good about it .

We find the side a little to dark, but at least due to the high contrast legible. This is but a taste question which everyone must answer for themselves .

AbenteuerX in the practice test.

Shortly after signing up we received a lot of kisses and friendship requests. Whether the part of the “Dr. Watch Welcome Services” was sent automatically, by the sender unnoticed – contact requests, we can not say clearly. We also got very many messages, but a large part of animators that have been with us Webcam-made offers. In General, the Messages were written throughout in a nice, friendly tone and sparked anticipation of a nice Chat.

To keep Best the eyes and behind the question of whether, perhaps, but a lady with a financial interest behind it might be. If this is the case, You have due to a high level of members ‘ activity, but many Online Users from the Region.

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