#17 Love story

Pilots are considered sexy and are in high demand. That’s the cliché. Our anonymous reader tells us her authentic love story-with wings

What are your stereotypes about pilots? Do you look good? Do you always have something with changing women? Are you just out?

I love a pilot. And he loves me. But he’s not like the clichés. Although he was in the past.

It started when I went to mass with friends. If you know the trade fair in Stuttgart, you know that the airport is directly opposite. And how expensive is the food at the fair … So it was not surprising that our troop (I was the only woman to run into a squad of young entrepreneurs) to the airport to get something to eat, and the first spring rays on the terrace of the airport to enjoy. There I sat alone on the bench with my good friend. The others were somewhat off-limits in business. There was a Pilot across the railing.
These uniforms are fucking sexy!

I noticed him right away. This casual attitude, grown tall, beautiful eyes and a super figure. And this Uniform! At that time I noticed for the first time how sexy these uniforms can be.

I just had absolutely no courage to speak to him. Because I was the only woman in a group of men! I was afraid it might get wrong. He looked at me all the time, just like me to him, and so I hoped inwardly fervently that he would come over.

Slowly, it seemed as if he weighed the Situation, he approached me and asked us if he should sit. Damn it, he smelled good! We talked almost two hours to three. Which Airlines he flew, his military flight training and much, much more. Still, he never asked for my number. So I took all my courage together and asked him. In the evening I also had the courage to write it …

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